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Virtual STEM Workshop: Grades 4-6

Another exciting STEM workshop with the UNH Extension Program coming up: rubber band racers!

Through 4 sessions lead by a UNH Extension volunteer, students grades 4-6 will learn to design and engineer a racer that is propelled by the energy stored in rubber bands. Students will also learn by experiencing potential and kinetic energy, simple machines, friction, elasticity and ratios. Rubber band racers can be easily redesigned or reconfigured, so every day you can have a different challenge!

All supplies are included! This workshop is free, but space is limited. To register and receive the Zoom link and passcode, please contact Megan Caron, ASCC Director, at caronm@nashuanh.gov. Pick up for supply kits is 10/13 from 3-6 PM.

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